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Anthology Volume 1 (Side)


Growing up, Lucy didn’t know her father and never understood the reasons for her parents falling out. The secrets of their past shrouded in intentional mystery to save her the trauma of the truth. Having to rely on her mother for love and support leaves her starving for affection when a horrible disease sentences her to a life of watchful care. Hospitalized; Lucy is taken in by her grandparents at the cusp of her development. Afflicted with bad blood; she struggles to find her place among her peers while growing increasingly frustrated at the looming secrets. Hate, familial negligence and a knack for trouble; she sets off on a path of self-destruction that makes her vulnerable to suggestion. Those wrought emotions seep into the air; summoning a strange elderly man wearing a black suit to offer a deal.


Broken home, unforgivable abuse and a sadistic lifestyle. These are only some of the key words that could be used to describe the twisted upbringing of an innocent child known as Lucas. Physical and sexual abuse is a constant in his life, which violently plucks at the seams of his sanity; slowly pushing him closer to the edge. Despite the suffering he endures, he finally learns to cope with his cruel reality after the birth of his sister. Now, it is his one and only goal to keep her ignorant to what happens behind closed doors and find a way for the two of them to escape this prison life. But his parents aren't the only monsters in the world; the shadows have their own agenda that adds a whole new element into his already complicated life. At the end of the day, all that matters to him is keeping her safe

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