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Vengeance: Children of Faust (Book 1)

Nearly a decade has passed since Kim's mother was taken so suddenly. What remains is a hollow, unstable life of self-isolating misery, punctuated by callous mistreatment in and out of school. However, among the anticipated apathy, a spike of supernatural oddities catches her attention. Bubbling voices, visions of shadow people and strange dreams fester a mystery that appears more than just paranormal.


When the abuse at home escalates to the extreme, an elderly man reveals himself and offers a vague deal. Revenge. Though, cryptic hints of some connection with her family name, brew questions and doubt surrounding her mother's death and father's past. Now chest deep in an all-too-real world of blood and demons, Kim must fight to survive the threat of empowered teens, in order to uncover the truth behind it all


Vengeance: Children of Faust went through an elaborate rewrite in some sections as of November 2022. While the overall story remains the same, much has been updated and reworked to fit the expanded universe. As such, any copy released without this disclaimer is to be considered loose/non-canon.

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