Vengeance: Children of Faust (Book 1)

Though it had been nearly a decade since her mother passed, young Kimberly still struggles with her inner demons. Self-isolating and fostering a hatred for her neglectful father and relentless school bully; every day drags her deeper into darkness. However, with the help of a new transfer student, Tansu; Kim rediscovers the value of the colorless life she had been living. Hope finds its way back into her tired heart and grants her a clemency she had never had. That is, until a line is crossed.


A transgression so foul that it left her drowning in a void of despair, only to be pulled free by an elderly man with unnatural abilities and a tempting deal. Ravaged by anger, she considers the forfeit of her own soul to get revenge.


However, there seems to be a deeper plot behind his vague offering. Cryptic hints of some connection with her family name, brew questions and doubt surrounding her mothers death and fathers past. Now chest deep in an all-too-real world of blood and demons, Kim must fight to survive a horrifying world of empowered teens such as herself, in order to uncover the truth behind it all.