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Been a while

Hey everyone, hope you're all doing well. I know its been a long time since i've made an update here, can't really say why. I mean, i usually post small updates on youtube channel during weekly/biweekly Vlog updates where i talk about my life in general at the moment. I typically lead or follow that with book updates. So, i guess ill jump right to it then. Right now, me and my brother are reading through Devil to the Damned. Its the only way i can get him to read because he just doesnt, and we do it through text to speech. Which basically serves as my final final editing pass. For that reason i dont let Paperbacks be available until we finish with this. I always find little dumb mistakes that make me question why Word is so expensive when its so bad. Either way, we keep a pace of about 3 chapters a week, maybe 4. So in just a couple weeks we should hopefully be done with that dn i can push the last manuscript update. Next, i wanna briefly go over my next book. So, i have no clue what to name or or what the synopsis will be... hell, idk what the cover will look like but rest assured, i do have at least one more book planned. This story will serve as the 'Return of the Kings' of the series in a sense. By that, i mean this book will be the wrap-up story. Obviously, it picks up right after book 2 and will directly continue the story. The reason i say its like Return of the King, is that, as of now, it has a multiple ending structure. After dealing with the main plot, there will be a handful of additional chapters that slow down and go through a checklist of a few things. and this is strange for me because usually i end books in a way that grips you or has some big revelation or bombastic fight sequence. This will have that, but will also continue on with some character work after. I think if you're a fan of these characters then you will love what i have planned.... but who knows, a lot of that might change as i go through it. Currently, i have almost 100 pages of just the blueprint and about 30 or so chapters. My page goal is about 350 pages if not more but i dont wanna intentionally drag it on in places just to artificially reach that number.

Aside from that, ive been having a lot of trouble with promoting my work lately. I just dont know what works well enough to consider spending money on. i dumped $60 in a BargainBooksy promotion and got basically zero results. Idk if its my own inability to market myself or just bad luck but im so skeptical of trying new promos. . Right now i have a Bookbub promo going and havent seen results but it should stretch on for a month. Its only $50 and i can surely do that again but if it doesnt result in just one sale then why do it? Book 1 did get a random rating on Amazon which is awesome. But strangely they didnt leave a review? odd. Either way im grateful. I think thats really it. Im about to just start rambling so ill wrap it up. Thanks for your kindness and patience and ill try to keep this page updated more frequently.

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