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General update 8/18/22

Okay so, where to start...

Lets jump right into talking about Devil to the Damned and my progress so far. Right now, im on the last chapter pre-epilogue and am about 340 pages in. For a first draft, thats not bad at all. Im really like the elements of this story but the biggest struggle for me is just how much information there already is and what all i still need to include, emphasize and underline. A lot of little elements from Book 1 need to be reaffirmed and justified here since its a prequel. Its not such a big deal but finding an appropriate place to insert these smaller scenes without interrupting the flow too much can be challenging. Im not too worried tho, considering this book hits a point of acting more of a historical log of events rather then beat by beat plot. At least, sections of chapters are conveyed in that way where the character is reflecting on things they did between chapters that are important but dont need to be lived in necessarily. Either way, certain scenes in this book have me thrilled. I cant wait to get through this first draft so i can do my edits. Besides that i think i have a solid place for a third sequel and even a fourth perhaps. The fourth would be a much more contained shorter story (150-200 pages) while book 3 would be a solid installment ranging from 300-400 pages like the rest. Book 3 would be a continuation and book 4 would be a smaller scale story where we actually follow a new character who gets involved in this stuff and we get to see a return of old faves from a new perspective. I think itll be really cool.

I also started working on a hand drawn manga thing that takes place canonically in between the time skip of book one. It isnt anything crazy, just showing how Kim maneuvers school under the protection of the Ring Crism gave them and we get to see some pretty normal human interactions while also exploring how Alice and Kim start to synchronize. Its not a priority but its fun.

I dont like giving myself deadlines but i should hopefully have DTTD first draft done by the end of the month. The editing process should take me a few weeks as long as nothing big needs to be fixed/added/changed/removed. Then the actual inserting of edits to the documenting and reformatting process should be relatively quick. All in all, im projecting DTTD to be released by the end of September or mid-October. I think thats it... Bye

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