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New Site!

Hey everyone. So i finally decided to revamp my website and focus it entirely on my book series. Previously i had a site built for me through a "Scam" publication experience. It was basic and bland but served as a decent landing page. After i broke from them and pursued self-publishing, i decided to get my own domain and build my own site from scratch. I also decided in my infinite multi-tasking wisdom that the site should serve as a landing page for ALL of my work (More or less) which means that the site, LinkinsLegion dot com was overstuffed and crowded and didn't highlight any one particular thing. It hosts videos, music, youtube, streaming, podcasts, art and more. But with my declining interest in making video content, i decided a few nights ago to just scrap the site, get a new domain, redirect LLdotcom to the new url and built a book landing page instead. So far ive put a few hours into it and i still have a lot to go. Right now i am focusing on symmetry, links, flow and readability on both desktop and mobile. I am still waiting on paperbacks to arrive in the mail so i can approve the new 5.5x8.5 size. Once thats done they will be live for purchase alongside the eBooks through amazon. So, in short, bear with me while i iron out the wrinkles of a new site and experiement with what i think would be useful apps and means of engagement. Thanks for dropping by

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