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Very important Update 7/8/22

OKAY, so where to begin...

I guess i'll start off with a small update to Vengeance: Children of Faust(Book 1) I was going through and fixing a weird formatting thing with header lines that i could not figure out how to straight up remove, so i dropped the text into a new doc and blah blah fixed it. But while i was there, i checked the last chapter and Epilogues dialogue to make sure everything was as it should be in regards to the sequel and prequel. Basically, i adjusted some dialogue to make it more accurate to current canon. Nothing dramatic changed, but it is important enough to warrant doing in the first place. So, book 1 is available again on kindle and paperback. As for book 2 news, well, i have been struggling with the ending of book 2 for a while now. You see, i wrote book 2 with the idea that it was the last in that particular story-line. however, with how things developed and whatnot, i realized i had a good story for book 3. The problem is, at the end of book 2 there is a 4 year time skip that wraps up characters plotlines and book 3 is supposed to take place within those 4 years. I debated heavily on leaving that ending and epilogue but came to the conclusion that by doing so, it spoils the mystery and tension that would be created in book 3. So, i removed that time skip and am adding a new epilogue to book 2 that will act as a teaser for the plot of book 3. And at the end of book 3, we will shift back to that 4 year time skip perspective to wrap up that story. Im working on the epilogue right now and will finish it by tonight, so book 2 will be updated and available again as soon as i can. Prequel update. Devil to the damned is coming along nicely. i still have a lot of work to do, but im closing in on the final few chapters. After that, i need to do my spell check and quick fixes(go through my unused notes and make sure i insert what needs to be in the story) then i get to print it out and hand edit. Then type up those edits and format and itll be done! SO EASY. -_- That being said, i think i can get DTTD done in the next two months if i stay consistent. We'll see. I'm also in the middle of reading When The Divine Are Dead by E.K. Barnes so i will have an audio review out for that when i finish it.

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