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Vengeance is a supernatural mystery thriller series by known creative devotee Christipher Ulm. . . which is me. hi

The series can be approached in many different ways: whether you choose to start at the beginning of the timeline and work your way through, or kick it all off with the intended introduction to the world, and experience every mystery and revelation that best serves the narrative. It's up to you. However, be warned; the characters in these stories all share upbringings that some may find hard to digest. From physical and sexual abuse, to self-harm and suicidal temptation. Blood and death are commonplace among the tortured teens, and their stories lean on one another to construct an expanding world of lore.


If you have any sensitivities, i advise you to proceed with caution. 

Intended Reading Order

   Book 1                     Prequel (1)                      Prequel(2)                       Book 2

Timeline Order

       Prequel (1)                Prequel(2)                    Side                    Book 1                     Book 2   

Minimal Reading

        Book 1                     Book 2

Full Timeline Incl. Books In Progress


Devil to the Damned

(Next Release)




Origins Anthology Volume 1


Vengeance: Children of Faust 


Vengeance: Cataclysm 


(Vengeance: Break the Cycle(B3) Working Title) 


(Book 4)


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