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I'm just some guy with a little ambition and a lot of ideas. I'm someone with a lot of hobbies: Airsoft, Gaming, Youtube, Drawing. . . but nothing I've done in my life gave me as much drive and purpose as writing. To me, it isn't about money, or recognition, or well. . . I guess it's always a little about those things huh? The point is, my books mean more to me than any financial gain or number of followers. I just want to know what people think. To hear how they relate, or found value in the somber moments, the angry moments, the vulnerable moments. I want those who read to feel connected and understood; maybe find some sort of release through the story unfolding before them. 

Favorite Author: Jack Townsend

Favorite Book: Things Not Seen - Andrew Clements

Favorite Video Game: Final Fantasy X

Favorite Band: Korn/Gorillaz

Favorite Color: Purple/Black

Favorite Anime: Naruto/Bleach

Favorite TV Show: Supernatural

Favorite Movie: Kiki's Delivery Service/Coraline



I never realized it growing up, but I've always had a drive to create stories. Always daydreaming of being a hero, play-fighting with my siblings, branching off with my own ideas after beating a game. My mind was always spinning with dialogue and imaginary plotlines. 


It didn't manifest as writing until my senior year in high-school, and up to then i had zero experience in literature. I wasn't even that big into reading after grade school; hardly picking up a book that wasn't manga or iSpy unless it was school related. I guess that isn't exactly fair to cut out the books i did read in my free time, they were just so far and few between. Books like Things Not Seen, Dragon Slayers Academy, Maus, various Manga, Enders Game, a few by S.E Hinton and just a handful more. The only writing i did was for school projects and mostly revolved around recounting stories from home. So, as you can see, reading and writing wasn't ever my passion. 

Then i started failing my senior year. 

Those crucial developmental years were never exactly stable for me. Too much personal failings and a mixed environment made me withdraw and lose confidence in myself, no matter what i tried. I had always drawn and engaged in music and movies, but i never considered delving deeper into the arts. I had a dream, which inspired a drawing that birthed a backstory for the depicted character. A girl with stitched lips became the focus for an intense story of the supernatural.


In the final few weeks before graduation, with my report card having more F's than anything else, i put together this 40 page story, printed it, bound it with string and made physical paperback copies. It consumed me in that time, and an assistant teacher who i was moderately close with had witnessed my efforts. He read through the pages and decided to use the story as an extra-credit and gave me the boost i needed to push. 

I ended up graduating with my class and quickly became obsessed with the story. That was 10 years ago. And now I've written over one thousand pages total in the series and still have more books on the burner. 

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