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Hey, hope everyone is doing well. I don't have too too much to say but i have enough to justify making a post. Basically, lately, i haven't written anything in about 2 months, even though it feels like so so much longer. Typically i work on a yearly timeframe. I start writing the next book around March ro April, and write all the way through until about late January and finilze everything in the next month or two before publishing. I can usually complete a 400 page book in this time. However, this year i got lost in another book project; my trading card game. I have been designing the cards, game board, rules and mechanics over the course of 5 or 6 months. So far i have about 250+ unique cards made, and everything i need to officially release it for purchase. the only problem is the website im using called GameCrafter, requires me to purchase each thing i intend to sell. So all of the structure decks and boosters sets i designed need to be bought by me before they can be sold -_- super lame. But im slowly working on it. Since ive been doing that, i havent written like i said before. Earlier in the year i scripted out the outline/blueprint of the 3rd mainline book in the series and got that to a point where i felt comfortable enough with actually starting to write it. However, then i had an idea for a shorter, inbeteen story. One that would only be max 150 pages(If i can control myself) where we focus on the aftermath of book 2 and all the implications that our characters lives became has. The concept is more difficult than i thought because, well, there wouldnt be an antagonist. it would be slightly inconsequential but paints a defined light on the effects of everything and how it wounded the cast. I dont want it to stretch on so long, so a lot of the events we would cover would take place back to back. which i dont think would be too unrealistic given the circumstance. like, its characters meeting up and talking about the revelations and the impact. unraveling past traumas and setting the stage for reconciliation. enough so that the reader can fill in the blanks on what happens after. So, i have that like 70% scripted but set it aside in preference of the TCG. What im getting at is, now im pretty much ready to get back to writing again. but it feels sluggish and unintuitive and weird. Part of my OCP makes it hard to start at this time of the year because i usually start much earlier, so my brain says i need to wait until Feb/March to write again. but i gotta fight that. another difficulty is that i have no one waiting for the next instalment and no recent book sales/reviews so its hard to motivate myself. Anyway i think that's about it. Heading off to work now. Take care everyone Apparently my spellcheck stopped working? So i cant see any mistakes above. if you see something just ignore it...

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