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Woah, i need to post an update...

Hey, so, alright, i know i dont post here too often but thats because its just simply out of sight out of mind. I do post pretty frequent updates and whatnot on the book youtube channel so go ahead and subscribe over there. But basically whats going on right now is im nearing the end of the next book, 2.5 called The Garden. And by end, i mean im almost done rewriting the blueprints and then i need to finish writing about 80 pages. After that, ill move on to final drafting and then publishing. Lately, however, ive been focused on getting the paperbacks for all the other books back on amazon. its a whole thing, but they should be live now and this site will be updated with that. Also me and my friend V just put out our collaborative poetry book called Tomorrow to Lose so go check that out. The price is a little more expensive despite its length, because as it is collaborative, we have to split revenue on it. Those are the main talking points right now. I dont have a projected date on when ill finish this book but im hoping by mid summer or end of summer. Yup, so, thanks.

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