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Did some clean up

Allllright hey hows everyone doing? SO, basically i decided to jump in and do a litle bit of house keeping. What does that mean? Well i dropped all the available books kindle prices on amazon down to just $.99 because i really do only care about people reading, and not me making any money. On top of that, i currently have all of Vengeance: Children of Faust, Transgression, and Devil to the Damned available to read for FREE over on Wattpad. So i would greatly appreciate you head over there and check that out. If you want to support me without reading everything, you can always go chapter by chapter and give it a star(Vote) that will help bring me up in the rankings! Next, i decided to go and reformat Transgression to synch its Margins and spacing to match the other books in the series. I also split a few chapters in two so they wouldntbe so long sometimes. As a result of all fo this, it went from 300 pages and 20 chapters, to about 270 pages and 25 chapters. Overall a bit cleaner. I will probably end up doing this to Origins Anthology as well. Hell, i might do that tonight, idk yet. Now for book 3 news. Well i have been plugging away injecting various notes throughout the framework. So far i have like 30 chapters and just the chapter layout and general overview of the plot has stretched to be about 130 pages long. So i think this book will turn out to be just as beefy as the last few. That being said im at a point where im kinda slogging through the minutia of little details because im just kinda putting of STARTING it. I know that when i put my nose down, i wont come up for air for a while and all of my mental resources will be poured into it, stagnating everything else around me for a year or more. Idk im just a bit apprehensive because this next book is so lofty and will expand the lore to such a degree that im kinda terrified of putting words to the page haha

side note im chewing some sunflower seeds from dollar general and they are total ass. burnt tasting and just gross...

Alright well thats gonna wrap it up from me. Last thing, i am trying to get to 25 ratings for book 1 so if you havent left a review then i would greatly appreciate it if you did.

Thanks for reading


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